Bible-Based Truth

We base our teaching, actions and accountability in the Bible (Word of God), as our final authority for the way we live a life of holiness and excellence.


We choose to be pure in our thoughts, motives and actions, even when no one else is around. We live a life that is not divided.


We are a place where you can belong and be valued. We help each other grow through encouragement, service, support and accountability. We do not gossip but address disagreements with openness and restoration.


We look to put the love of God on display through personal and corporate evangelism, outreach and missions. We continuously seek to be led by the Spirit, to show God’s love in a practical way to those around us.


We value teachability and accountability, as we become transformed followers of Jesus Christ. We are deeply committed to investing and empowering others to become all that God has called them to be.


We give joyfully and generously of our time, talents, finances and personal resources to best serve our community, our church and each other. As we fulfill the Great Commission, we believe in going beyond the minimum requirement and instead follow the guidance of the Spirit.